Note Buying Benefits

Note Buying Benefits

Once upon a time you offered seller financing to a buyer, helping you offload your residential or commercial property.

That was a good move at the time, but there’s one big benefit to selling that note instead: You’ll walk away with cold, hard CASH.

Whether you’re in need of funds to launch a new business, to begin a new investment, or to get out of debt, let the team at Obsidian Investments walk you through the process of turning your note into cash.

If you’ve been out of the real estate game for a while, then you should also know that the market is HOT right now. Interest rates are low and real estate markets in many areas are on the rise -- which means the time for selling your mortgage note is now.

Get the cash you need to:
- Invest in a new project
- Pay old property tax debt
- Settle collection debts
- Pay off divorce or death debts
- Fend off bankruptcy or foreclosure
Whatever your financial concerns, selling your real estate note can be the solution.

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