Purchase Guidelines

Purchase Guidelines

At Obsidian Investments, we can buy nearly any type of real estate note -- leaving you with the cash you need to buy more property, invest in a new business, or even retire in comfort.

We buy any number of mortgage notes, including:
- Seasoned or new notes
- Single notes
- First and second liens
- Balloon Notes
- Real Estate Mortgages
- Commercial Notes
- Contracts for Deed
- Land Contracts

Let Obsidian Investments help you get free of nearly any type of property, including:
- Apartment buildings
- Commercial properties of nearly any type
- Condos
- Improved land
- Multi-family properties
- Single family residential properties
- Unimproved land

Investment to Value Guidelines

To make the deal work, investment properties require a certain investment to value percentage: - Commercial property 60-70%
- Improved land 65-70%
- Non-owner OCC SFR 70-80%
- Owner occupied SFR 75%
- Unimproved land 45-55%

For all property types, the loan to value should be 100%.

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